Loving what I do and doing what I love


I am happy, love to create, have big dreams and work hard. I am married to a wonderful man, have 3 children that I home school and love to make music.  Some of my interests include: cooking, gardening, photography, home improvements, natural healing, spirituality, organizing for small spaces, sewing, marriage, parenting, fitness, & education.  Home Maker Central is organized into 5 daily themes in hopes that information can be easily found since my interests are so broad.

Motivational Monday:  Start the week positive, nurture hope, inspire gratitude, find peace and continue in our dreams

Teaching Tuesday: Ideas for organizing, decorating, parenting, sewing and home schooling

Working Wednesday: Gardening, home improvements, money matters and self reliance

Healthy Thursday: Effective ways to enhance, accelerate and retain health through diet and exercise

Feeling Friday:  Improve relationships, contemplate life and understand ourselves better

This blog is dedicated to life, dreams, change, growth and finding keys to unlock happiness.  I am the primary author of this blog, but my husband will also contribute at times.  Other blogs that we contribute to are Challenge Me Recipes, Crucial Creativity, Give with Oils, Balder Academy, and Abstruse Lucidity.


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