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The tiny house movement and minimalism have attracted my attention. So now I wonder how can I use minimalism in my own life. Some of my goals include:

  • owning a home, living well, and having the ability give;
  • investing in the things that make me happy, and finding balance between my needs and desires;
  • being debt free, productive, and comfortable; and
  • having the ability to choose how to spend my time, energy, and money.

My current home is generally thought of as a starter home, but it has become my dream home.  I can do everything I want and need in my starter home, and it is the perfect place to pursue my goals.  This article “8 Benefits of Cottage Living” has helped me remember some of the good things about living in a starter home.  What do you want in your dream home?  Do you like the idea of living in a cottage?



Author: Stacey JR

I like to ask questions and find answers. I enjoy gardening, cooking, motherhood and loving my husband. Recycling is awesome, being thrifty pays off, and creating brings me happiness and fulfillment.

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