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What Do You See?

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Stacey in Alaska

Ship-shaped Iceberg
Remember when we were kids, alright even now that we’re overgrown kids, and we’d lay in the grass looking at the clouds, and pointing out the ones that looked like a face, or a castle, an elephant, etc.? Well nowadays I sit in my warm house, or walk on a subzero beach, and look for shapes in the giant chunks of ice (a.k.a. icebergs) floating in the ocean along the beach. Join the fun, and tell me what you see. My roommate Roxie and I see something particular in the picture above. I wonder if you’ll see the same thing as we do.

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Author: Stacey JR

I like to ask questions and find answers. I enjoy gardening, cooking, motherhood and loving my husband. Recycling is awesome, being thrifty pays off, and creating brings me happiness and fulfillment.

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