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Wheat & Beans

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Cereals and Grains

Cereals and Grains

We have heard a lot of good health benefits with mixing beans and rice. When I found no rice in my pantry, but plenty of wheat berries, I wondered if wheat and beans would have a similar health benefit as rice and beans. This week the family tried boiled wheat for the first time. We all enjoyed it as much as rice with butter and salt. I have heard of adding barley to soup, so why not wheat berries?

Google Search

I started gathering information on the benefits of wheat; and was shocked by all the websites that came up with “hate wheat” messages. It looks like a people blame wheat for making us fat, causing diabetes and autism. Not until I searched for “goodness of wheat” was I able to find anything positive about the wheat. That makes me wonder what has happened in the last couple hundred years to turn people against the grain so completely. Wheat has been the staff of life for centuries. I am just wondering and thought I would ask you; What do you think about wheat?

Complete Proteins

I wanted to make sure my new idea of wheat and beans wasn’t too crazy, so I googled that also. If you want more info on combining foods to make complete proteins, here is a great website. What a relief, I don’t have to go buy rice to have a complete protein with my beans.

Wheat Grain Field

Wheat Grain Field

Grain Mixes

Let me explain what we have done this fall with our grains. We were gluten-free for a couple of years, but have recently added those grains back into our diet. The first grains we adding back to our diet where the ancient grains like spelt & kamut. Since then we have also added red wheat, white wheat, oat groats, barley and rye. Having so many grains in many different containers, has complicated making bread. Having to mix the grains, to grind fresh flour and bake anything has been quite a chore. Using a combination of grains in our breads helps with food sensitivities, and each grain has wonderful properties. Emmer grain and einkorn grain will be in the mix when we run out and have to make more.

Beans in Spoon

Beans in Spoon

Bean Mixes

This fall we mixed all of our beans together to simplify cooking and storing also. Now when I cook refried beans or chili, our meal will have a bean mix of: red, black, white, garbanzo, kidney and pinto beans as well as black-eyed peas. When I say our family will eat wheat and beans, it is not just one bean and one grain, but our mixture of beans and grains. I am looking forward to it.

My Goal

I do not belive wheat is the root of all illness. I belive just the opposite. I have spent much time asking questions and trying to find answers. I am still only a couple of years into leaning, changing and healing, but I am not done asking questions and changing my health for the better. The powers of soaking grains, and sprouting grains is under utilized in general. No you don’t have to soak them, but doing so multiplies the benefits of the food greatly. Learning the benefits of lacto fermentation and soaking grains and beans have calmed my mind about eating wheat in particular. This year I plan on adding more wheat to our diet as a result. Eating wheat like we would rice will be an easy way to do that.


Author: Stacey JR

I like to ask questions and find answers. I enjoy gardening, cooking, motherhood and loving my husband. Recycling is awesome, being thrifty pays off, and creating brings me happiness and fulfillment.

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