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Kid’s Computer


We have been so blessed to have electronics in our day.  Computers change things so much so fast.  Our library has an educational computer for the kids to play with, and I wanted one for my home school.  From contacting this supplier they have a very nice product, but there are a few things I didn’t like.


Price was too high for our homeschooling budget.  Another concern was that it only came with a set number of programs and could really only be useful until age 12 or during elementary school.  Internet was controlled by the supplier.  I am happier monitoring my children’s internet activity and restrictions.  Many of the programs I wouldn’t use.

Our Solution

We have an old computer, actually two of them.  Some of the programs from the library won’t work on newer computers.  We have set up the computer so each of our kids are able to sign in.  They use the programs we have selected from the library.  At this point we do not have internet on the computer, but we will be getting a wireless adapter that can be added when they earn it.  The kids don’t get bored, and won’t out grow it.  We can focus on whatever subjects we want for at least a month at a time, and we save lots of money.  We may buy some programs as time goes by, but for now the library had most of the computer programs or comparable programs to the ones we want or need.

Kids response

So far the kids have done well with the computer.  They are all learning to type, use the mouse, and share.  They learn together, and it is a great tool I can use if I need them to learn, but I can’t sit and lecture them all day.  We are in the middle of a remodel and most of their toys are in storage right now.  So this was a great time to set it up.  They don’t make a mess when they are on the computer.  I love it!  They love it too, and are learning.


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