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Homeschooling Mom

Just had a talk with a sister about homeschooling. I will admit that at times public school sounds like such a luxury. Being a stay at home mom with kids in public school seems like a dream come true. I sometimes fantasize about all the things I could do if I had the public school system babysit and teach my kids during the school year….

I have a preschooler, kindergartener, and a 1st grader this year. We are learning to read and write, so much work. Then for the most part we have educated play time to learn for our other subjects. We have recently set up a learning computer station that the boys like to listen to audio books on or play educational games. This has helped our school day be more accomplished and gives me some time to do housework.

We have just acquired the hooked on phonics (HOP) program. I have heard good things about it, so we will see how it works for us in the next coming year. We are in the midst of a huge home remodel right now, so school is quite unstructured until we are done. January we will have a new schoolroom/playroom area. Very happy about it since we will have a pocket door separating the two rooms so we can limit distractions during lecture time. Also having the rooms will allow me to decorate in traditional school posters and charts. I can’t wait to have two rooms dedicated to work and play, learning and circle time, school and music.

This morning I was pondering on the joys of not homeschooling. Every choice has both negative and positive consequences. I know things are not what they seem. The grass is not as greener on the other side necessarily, it is just different. I am happy I am homeschooling. I do not think I would or could give up these days, this work, these sacrifices, the time I have with my children; watching and helping them grow.